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San Diego - Convoy Auto Body Company

Welcome to our website! San Diego - Convoy Auto Body is your local, one-stop automotive repair shop for every sort of vehicle repair for every sort of vehicle.

Previous customers knew us as TAPS AUTO CARE and San Diego - Convoy CARE. We have now consolidated both businesses under the new umbrella of San Diego - Convoy AUTO BODY.

But though our name has changed we still go on offering the same excellent service that we have been delivering for the last 30 years. Our in-house, expert engine mechanics are some of the best in San Diego and have vast experience with many different vehicles, including Lexus, Mercedes, Chevrolet, BMW, Jaguar, Infiniti, Ford, Accura and others.

If you need collision or mechanical repairs, or are having problems with your brakes and alignment, heating and air conditioning, suspension, power train, electrical or any other system, you have come to the right place. We are a certified brake and lamp inspection station for the State of California. We have an alignment rack and tire mounting machine and so can handle all of your brake, alignment, and tire needs.

We always offer body shop repair estimates and, once approved, try to make both mechanical and collision repairs at the same time to save turn-around time for you, our customers. And we can rent you a substitute car while yours is out of action, which you may be able to claim on your insurance.

In fact, we are insurance claim specialists and have repaired hundreds of customer's vehicles with major insurance companies. We are also pleased to work for business fleets – some of our customers include the US Postal Service, US Department of Justice and the CA Department of Transportation.

But whether you are part of a business fleet or an individual car owner here at San Diego - Convoy Auto Body we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. We know that without you we could not be in business.

So whatever your auto problem, San Diego - Convoy Auto Body is here for you. We are one of the best car repair shops and auto body paint shops in San Diego. Your satisfaction is our goal and we will do everything we can to get you and your vehicle back on the road with the minimum of delay.


Insurance Claims

San Diego Convoy Auto mechanics have repaired hundreds of autos for customers from more than 18 different major insurance companies..We suggest that if you are involved in a collision you should follow the following steps: 1. Remember - your health and safety are the priority! Call police and necessary emergency agencies immediately. Take careful note of the following information both for your personal records and for use with your insurance claim: a. License plate/make/model/year of the other vehicle b. Name of the driver and the owner of the other vehicle c. License number of other driver d. Address and phone number of other driver e. Insurance company and the policy number of other driver f. Names and contact numbers of any witness(es) g. Time and date of accident h. Accident location i. Police Report Number 3. Call San Diego - Convoy Auto Body at 858-277-4414. We offer 24 hour towing service to our shop and excellent auto collision repair. Although Calling San Diego - Convoy Auto Body may be the last step on this list, it will be the first step towards your peace of mind. Our customers are OUR FIRST PRIORTY! Our San Diego car mechanics will help get you and your vehicle back on the road in a timely, cost effective manner!

Insurance Collision Steps


San Diego - Convoy Auto Body Testimonials

"I have found Sam at San Diego - Convoy Auto Body to be very responsive to us, and to his customer, our claimant. He assisted in helping the claimant understand the process, and helpful to me in determining issues and how to remedy them. His company also provides rentals!"

P.R., 21st Century Insurance
and Financial Services

"My wife's beautiful ruby-red 2006 Prius was severely scratched by a rock at a turnoff in the mountains. Thank you for doing a great job fixing, matching paint, reasonably, and saving our marriage!"

C.F., Attorney at Law

"I am extremely pleased with the work San Diego - Convoy Auto Body did on my car. They removed every dent and repainted the entire car beautifully and for a very reasonable price. Then they went the extra mile to ensure my satisfaction. I am! Thank you Sam and company!"

E.B., Customer

"The service provided by San Diego - Convoy Auto Body goes above and beyond. I have been taking my Ford Escape to them for 3 years. They have been very honest and upfront with me about service and repairs. In addition to their honesty, their prices are very competitive and affordable. I highly recommend San Diego - Convoy!"

K.E., CPA, Senior Financial Analyst, Sharp Community Medical Group