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San Diego's best engine mechanics work for San Diego Convoy Auto Body

CAB Mechanical Vehicle Repair

Thanks to our state of the art equipment, modern facilities and highly skilled auto mechanics, San Diego Convoy Auto Body can perform all mechanical inspections and repairs in-house, according to your manufacturer's vehicle specifications.

Perhaps your engine is pinging or knocking or your automatic transmission lugs when you shift gear? We are an ASE approved shop and our skilled mechanics can perform an engine and power train inspection to diagnose what is causing the problem. We are also experts in diagnosing and fixing electrical systems, brakes, alignment, suspension, air-conditioning, heating, air bag installation, and all other auto repairs.

We will verify your reported concerns and road test, if necessary. We'll also use your vehicle's on-board computer to give us the trouble codes so that we can pinpoint the exact cause of the problem and diagnose solutions and costs. When you have approved our estimate we will carry out the repair, using only quality parts, and then road test again before the vehicle is returned to you.

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Alignment and Tires

Alignment and Tire ReplacementIf your vehicle is not properly aligned you will have to replace your tires and repair your suspension more often, which will cost you considerably more time and money. Ideally, your suspension and alignment should be inspected every 6 months or 6,000 miles. If you notice uneven tire wear or if your vehicle sways, drifts or pulls when you are driving, then we recommend you have your vehicle's steering and suspension system inspected immediately.

With our alignment rack and tire mounting machine, San Diego Convoy Auto Body can handle all of your alignment and tire needs.

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Brakes and Lamps

We are a certified brake and lamp inspection station for the State of California. You should be aware of the signs and symptoms of brake wear and arrange to have an inspection and repair before the problem becomes dangerous. In any case, you should immediately have your brakes inspected if you notice any of the following symptoms:

1.) A spongy or low pedal could mean air has got into the hydraulic system and your brakes will not grab effectively;

2.) A hard pedal can mean the brake booster is not functioning correctly or brake shoes and pads are worn out;

3.)If the brake warning light on your dashboard remains on you may have an electrical fault, problems with your hydraulics, lack of brake fluids, or a malfunctioning parking switch;

4.) If your brakes squeal when you apply them you may need to replace worn out brake shoes or your rotor or calipers may be glazed and need replacing.

For your own safety and to protect your passengers, please have your brakes and lamps inspected at least once a year.

"Thank you for servicing three of my cars for many years. Your prices are always reasonable and your mechanics are professional and timely. I confidently refer my friends to you knowing that you will treat them like family."

M.D., Customer

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